How to get perfectly groomed eyebrows at home

How to get perfectly groomed eyebrows at home

Since strutting onto catwalks everywhere in 2011, Cara Delevingne has changed the way that beauty addicts everywhere feel about eyebrows. We’re all guilty of a brow-blunder. We’ve all over plucked, used the wrong colour products or chosen a shape that is completely wrong for our face. With our handy guide, you can keep your eyebrows looking perfect, without having to visit the salon.

Where to start

Start by getting yourself a pair of good quality tweezers. You’ll need these not only for removing stray hairs but for finding the start and finishing points for your eyebrows. Turn the tweezers upside down so that the open end is facing downwards then, line them up with the bottom of your nostril. The top of the tweezers marks the position where your eyebrows should start. Mark this with an eyebrow pencil and repeat this stage on the other side of your face to mark your other eyebrow.

To define the starting point of your brows, pluck or wax any hairs that grow between the two starting points.

The end of your eyebrows

To mark the end point of your brows, again, line up your tweezers with the bottom of your nostril, they should be on an angle. Point the tweezers across your cheek, towards your eye. Ideally, they should just touch the outer corner of your eyelashes. If your tweezers are long enough, they should reach your eyebrow, if not, continue the line and mark again with a brow pencil. You can now remove any stray hairs that grow below this point.

Arch it

To get the perfect arch, use another eyebrow pencil to create a guide from the centre of the tip of your nose, to the brow bone. Mark where the pencil hits the browbone, directly above the centre of your eye. This is the most flattering place for the arch of your eyebrow to fall. For the perfect brow, pluck from beneath the mark, plucking from the top can result in a flat eyebrow which could leave you looking like your scowling.

How to get perfectly groomed eyebrows

What shape works for you?

The perfect shape and thickness for your eyebrows will depend entirely on the shape of your face. Do some research into what suits you best before going in with your tweezers.


If you have an oval face, ensuring that you follow the 3 steps above will get you the perfect eyebrows.


Those with square faces are already lucky enough to have strong, stand out features. Compliment this with a strong, thick eyebrow achieved through waxing or threading to create a natural line. Avoid round, over plucked brows.


Angular brows compliment rounded faces. High, arched eyebrows will bring some much-needed definition to your facial structure.


If you have a long face, extend the tail of your eyebrows so that the come to slightly below the corner of your eye. This horizontal feature will compliment the verticle features that characterise a long face.

Heart Shaped

Well maintained brows are essential for those with a heart-shaped face. Thick brows will detract attention from the thinnest part of your face while tight, neat arches will balance out small jawlines.

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